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Dental Consultant Tip: HIPAA Contingency Plan

Of all the HIPAA rules and regulations that we will be discussing in upcoming articles, in my mind, having a contingency plan is easily the most critical.

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Best Dental Consultant Management Books

#10 Dental Analogies: A Collection of Descriptive Dental Analogies Based on Ideas from Practicing Dentists

by Dr. Rick Waters and Dr. Bill Powell

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Dental Consultant Advice: HIPAA

Welcome to the first in an ongoing series on HIPAA compliance for dental practices. As many of you know, HIPAA rules and regulations have completely changed the ways that dental offices need to operate. There are a number of problems, however.

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Ten stupid things dental patients say

#10 “I hate going to the dentist” 

#9 “I hate needles”

#8 "I just paid for your kid’s college tuition”

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